25 Unique Gift Ideas Your Basketball Coach Will Love

Basketball coaches can have a profound impact on the lives of lots of young people. In some instances, basketball coaches are parental figures and role models in their players’ lives. 

With that being said, why not show your basketball coach how much you value and appreciate them by getting them a gift? Here is a list of 25 unique basketball gift ideas for your coach.


1. Practical Gift: A New Dry Erase Clipboard

Top pick
Champion Sports Dry Erase Board For Coaching

Easy-to-use and read, this sports planner is 10” x 16”, double-sided, and illustrates the layout of both a full field and half field close-up. This clipboard also includes 2 clip on dry erase markers in both black and red.

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Most basketball coaches have broken a clipboard or two in their careers out of frustration. If your coach has done that lately or his clipboard is looking old and worn out, buy them a new one.

This clipboard is double-sided and comes with two dry-erase markers. Every coach will appreciate this gift because they will put it to good use.


2. Best Gift for Winter: Coach Hooded Sweatshirt

COACH Hoodie

This COACH Hoodie makes the ideal gift for any basketball coach. Available in 5 different colors.

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Since basketball is played during the winter months, this hoodie makes a great gift idea. Your coach can enjoy wearing this during team practices or even during their personal workout.

This sweatshirt is nothing fancy, as it simply has the word COACH on it. However, all good coaches know the importance of that word and they’ll appreciate the gift.


3. Great for Offseason Reading: NBA Coaches Playbook

NBA Coaches Playbook: Techniques, Tactics, and Teaching Points

NBA Coaches Playbook takes you into the practice sessions and sideline huddles with detailed Xs and Os and more from the game's best at maximizing performance on the court. Let the likes of Phil Jackson, Mike D'Antoni, Avery Johnson, Stan Van Gundy, George Karl, Eddie Jordan, Mike Dunleavy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many other head and assistant coaches provide you with new insights to benefit your own team and individual players.

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Basketball coaches are naturally innate students of the game so they’ll love this inside look at some of the most popular NBA plays and strategies. Your coach may just find two or three new plays for your team to run for next season.

This gift is a bit pricey on Amazon when ordering a new copy, but keep in mind that it’s 368 pages and packed with valuable information. Where else can you learn from a guru like Phil Jackson?


4. Useful Gift: Custom Engraved Whistle

Personalized Coach Whistle

The sound is loud and crisp, your coach can quickly catch the attention of the players anytime they want. Each whistle comes with a black lanyard, so your coach can hang it easily around their neck, or hang it on a wall mount.

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This is a gift that is both thoughtful and useful for a basketball coach. Every good coach needs a good whistle for all practices and drills. The cool thing about this gift is that you can engrave it with whatever you want on it.

For example, you can simply put the coach’s name, team name, and year. That way the coach will always remember your team when he or she puts on that whistle. This very well could be the perfect present.


5. Thoughtful Gift: Best Coach Ever Tumbler

Almost all basketball coaches are avid coffee drinkers. That means this stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is the perfect gift for coaches. 

Your favorite basketball coach will get to enjoy hot coffee for several hours on those long road trips to away games. This tumbler is dishwasher safe and has a nice jet black color. It only weighs 1.9 pounds so you won’t have to pay a ton in shipping either.


6. Perfect for His Office: Personalized Coffee Cup

Basketball Coach Personalized Mug

15oz personalized mug is dishwasher & microwave safe. The graphic is printed on both sides of the mug and is handmade in the USA.

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Sticking with the caffeine theme, here is another great gift idea. Buy your amazing coach a personalized coffee mug with either his name or your team name.

This type of gift would look great sitting on your coach’s desk in his office. This gift isn’t very expensive but it’s a very nice gesture.


7. Perfect Accessory for GameDay: Basketball Socks

Does your coach like to dress up a bit on gameday? If so, these dressy basketball socks are a great gift idea because they are the perfect mix between style and comfort.

Why should your coach settle for boring dress socks when they can wear this pair that shows their passion for the game? At only around $12, you can’t beat the price either.


8. Constant Appreciation: Basketball Coach Keychain

Sportybella Basketball Coach Keychain

Engraved with "A Good Coach Can Change a Game But a Great Coach Can Change a Life" on the keyring

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Want to get your coach something nice that he or she can enjoy daily? This keychain would make a great gift and it has a low price that won’t break the bank.

This keychain is highly durable and it comes with three nice-looking charms as well. It has a solid 4.7 rating on Amazon.


9. Sentimental Gift: Customized Plaque

Here’s a nice sentimental gift for basketball coaches. This plaque is made of natural wood and has a spot for a photo of the team and a separate spot for custom engraving of the coach’s name.

This is one of our favorite gifts for basketball coaches because they get a nice team photo to keep as a beautiful memory.


10. Best Birthday Gift: Basketball Wall Clock

Want to give your basketball coach a unique gift for their upcoming birthday? This wooden wall clock would go great in their home or office.

The overall design has a basketball player about to dunk the ball through the hoop, which is neat. The clock hands are right in the center and easy to see.


11. Perfect Office Gift: Personalized Poster

Personalized Coach Poster

This personalized basketball poster with an inspirational quote ''A Good Coach Can Change A Game. A Great Coach Can Change A Life''.

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Here’s something you can buy for your amazing coach that would look great in their office or classroom. This poster talks about the difference between a good coach and a great coach. You can also put their name or your team’s name on the basketball.


12. Great Gift From The Whole Team: Signable Plaque

Basketball Coach Gift Plaque

Have The Whole Basketball Team Sign This Custom Basketball Coach Gift Plaque To Create A Fantastic Team Appreciation Keepsake.

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This one is a little pricey, but it’s a nice gift because it has room for the whole team to sign it. This high-quality plaque is 8.5” x 11” and would make a great keepsake for any good basketball coach.


13. Best Gift for Lunchtime: Mug with a Hoop

The Mug with a Hoop

Perfect for scoring mini-marshmallows into cocoa, cereal into milk, crackers into soup, or toppings onto ice cream!

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Here’s one of the best gift ideas we’ve seen in a long time. It’s a basketball mug with a hoop as the handle. Since this mug is 16 ounces, your coach could use it for a quick bowl of soup during his or her lunch break.


14. Thoughtful Gift: The Perfect Picture Frame

Picture frames always make a great gift for basketball coaches and this is the best one we could find. It simply says “Thanks Coach” on it and leaves plenty of room for all of the players to sign it. 


15. Funniest Gift: Yelling T-Shirt

Want to give your coach a good laugh? Buy them this t-shirt that says, “I’m not yelling this is just my basketball coach voice.” We all know that most coaches can be loud, so why not poke a bit of fun at them about it?


16. High-Tech Gift: Electric Ball Pump

Portable Electric Basketball Pump

Featuring intelligent pressure detection and auto-off function, Morpilot electric ball pump can inflate sports balls fast and efficiently just after a click on the power button. 

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Are the basketballs your team uses in practice constantly going flat? If so, this electric ball pump would make a great gift for your coach. This pump will inflate a basketball in only one or two minutes.


17. Best Notebook Gift: The Playbook Journal

THE PLAYBOOK JOURNAL: Basketball Court Edition

Hardcover journal with 120 extra thick white paper pages with rounded corners. Quality vegan leather cover that is water-resistant.

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This notebook is great for a coach that loves to draw up new plays. Each page has basketball court diagrams so that your coach can put his play designing skills to good use.


18. Best Gift for a Kids Coach: Basketball Lanyard

Basketball Lanyard

Made of high-quality polyester, making them extra durable, guaranteeing no rips, tears, or wrinkles and non-fading, bright colors.

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Every good coach needs a lanyard for his whistle or gym keys. This lanyard would be a good fit for a kids’ coach because of the basketball logos all over it.


19. Classy Gift: Personalized Pen

This pen has a classy look to it and a sleek feel. You can put your coach’s name and your team’s name on the case and the pen. Your coach can save this pen for signing special documents.


20. Best Gift for a Female Coach: Desk Sign

This pink Coach sign would go great on a desk or shelf. It isn’t overly expensive and is a good option for a coach’s birthday or any other occasion.


21. Best Headgear Gift: Coach Cap

Basketball Coach Embroidered Hat

One size fits most with the adjustable brass buckle strap. Use the closure to custom fit the baseball cap to your head and ensure maximum comfort.

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Lots of coaches like to wear caps during practices. This embroidered cap has the word COACH on it but the O is a basketball logo.


22. Sweet Tooth Gift: Cookies

I’ve yet to meet a basketball coach that didn’t like cookies. These will make a great birthday or Christmas gift and most folks will love the basketball emblem on each chocolate-covered Oreo.


23. Perfect for the Trophy Case: Signed Basketball

Murray Sporting Goods Autograph Basketball with Stand

Half the basketball is white laminated synthetic leather that is easy to write on for autograph purposes, while the other half is brown synthetic leather that gives you that true basketball feel.

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If your basketball coach has a trophy case in their home or office, this basketball would be a nice gift idea. The ball is made up of two different colors as half is solid white and half is the normal basketball orange. The solid white portion leaves plenty of room for all the basketball players to put their signatures.


24. Simple Gift: Oversized Card

Signature Card for Coach

This creative alternative to a coach thank you gift or group card can be signed with personalized notes to the recipient to create a meaningful and lasting memory of celebration that can be framed and cherished forever.

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Here’s a gift that is both meaningful and cost-effective. This oversized card is 11” x 17” so it would make a good poster. Have each basketball player sign it with a special note to the coach.


25. Best Gift for Game Strategy: Basketball Board with Magnets

Basketball Magnets

Will Work On Any Surface Including Dry Erase, Message, Bulletin, Chalk and Black Boards As Long As It’s Magnetic.

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Here’s a neat idea for coach’s dry erase board. Instead of the coach drawing up a bunch of x’s and o’s, this package comes with a set of magnets. This gift would be great for shaping in-game strategy.


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