10 Undeniable Reasons Why Basketball Is The Best Sport

why basketball is the best sport

We know that our Basketball Buckets audience eats, sleeps and breathes hoops. Some folks in your life might find that devotion a little weird, but we know just how alluring the best sport in the world can be.

There are quite a few reasons as to why basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and remains attractive for an elite athlete to focus on.

These justifications can be hard to come up with on the fly, but we’ve got some strong foundational support that may help others see why we’ve fallen in love with the game.


1. Everyone Can Make a Difference

It can be a little corny to come out and say that anyone who steps on a basketball court can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game, but it’s actually true. Most casual observers of the game think about the objective being to shoot and score points, but that’s only part of what makes the sport great.

Basketball is a popular sport because it also highlights the ability of players to make their teammates better. This can be done by passing the ball to an open teammate who has a good look at the hoop, or by playing solid defense against a talented opposing player.

The events that lead up to scoring points, or keeping points off the board, is just as important as the ball going through the net.


2. It’s a Fun Way to Do Cardio

It can be hard to get into the proper mindset to stay in shape. We’ve all been in that gym class where the teacher asks us to run around the track a few times to help get our cardiovascular fitness in order, and it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world to do.

However, basketball is one of the most enjoyable ways to burn calories and remain in good shape, without being stuck in the mindset that it’s actual work. The game requires a lot of running from its participants, but those scampers have a purpose.

Sprinting down the court to get an easy layup or get back on defense to protect the paint are the main objectives, and running is just the way to get there. Basketball can be a little sneaky that way, but it’s just the way we like it.


3. You Don’t Need a Lot of Gear

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got most of what you need to partake in a basketball game laying around your house. A T-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, a good pair of socks, and some sneakers really are the basics, leaving little to no excuse for declining an invite to play.

Granted, devoted readers of Basketball Buckets will remember our many product articles on the best equipment to buy, but a novice player doesn’t need to invest in the fanciest gear. Once you’ve got your attire squared away, the only other things to find are a basketball court, and people to play with.

This contrasts significantly with other sports, which require purchases of necessary equipment just to be able to get into the game. These savings can be used to rent “Space Jam” or “Air”.


4. It’s Relatively Safe

A lot of parents will look for information that will help them decide what sports are safe for their kids to play, and basketball generally checks a lot of those boxes. While there’s no denying that basketball can be a contact sport near the rim, it’s not a game that promotes a myriad of notable collisions that can cause serious injury.

Those who play basketball regularly will certainly note that the potential for spraining an ankle exists, especially when someone who leaves their feet lands on another player’s foot. While this possibility is certainly acknowledged, this type of ailment isn’t likely to significantly impact the rest of a person’s life.

There are also only 10 players on the court, which makes it difficult for anyone with nefarious intentions to get away with something. This may not be the case in other sports, which have a more expansive playing surface, and more participants.


5. All Shapes and Sizes Are Welcome

Naturally, people think of basketball players as tall, slender human beings that have an unimpeded view of the basket. This is still a pretty accurate perception, but the sport has taught us that great players can come in all shapes and sizes.

It can be beneficial for a player to be a little heavier than some counterparts, because it can make getting in front of them for a rebound difficult. Additionally, shorter players aren’t automatically tossed aside either, because they might have a superior ability to get past their defender off of the dribble.

This removes the barrier to entry, and allows for individuals to understand what their strengths are on the court, and how they can best contribute to a team sport.


6. There are Finite Game Periods

Fortunately for basketball players, games don’t tend to drag on due to the nature of the way games are setup. Tilts are segmented into quarters or halves with designated time limits, and it’s unusual for a professional regulation basketball game to go much more than 2.5 hours.

Other sports have quarters and halves as well, but are subject to longer delays throughout the game that push the overall completion time towards or past the three-hour mark. Basketball games continue to move, which has a positive effect on the players in the game, and the fans watching in the stands or on TV.

It’s always helpful to have a reliable idea of when sporting events end, so that other things can be scheduled around them. We’d like basketball to be a 24/7 affair, but life also needs to happen too.


7. Personalities Are Magnified

This piece isn’t meant to downplay the positive attributes of other sports, but there’s a lack of flexibility present with other games. Perhaps more than any other sport, basketball serves to promote movement and motor skills, rather than limit them.

Foundationally, this allows players to use their athleticism in ways that make them most effective, and encourages creativity from individuals with or without the ball. Because there are also only five players on the court at each time, the demeanors of each player are that much more important with regards to how they fit into a team concept.

Because players’ faces aren’t encumbered by masks or other gear, most comments on the court are audible, and it’s interesting to hear how certain individuals communicate. Some decide to double down with encouraging language, while others look to demonstrably light a fire under their teammates.


8. It’s a Game That Requires Strategic Growth

A lot of folks who are new to the game will focus on the physical health benefits of basketball, of which there are plenty. It’s also important to realize how the sport can develop someone’s intellect.

We spent a little time talking about interactions between teammates and opponents, which is something that the real world can mimic off the floor. These lessons involve how to work together when times get tough, and are very translatable to life in general.

In addition, basketball offers the opportunity for players to think about how they can most efficiently attack an opponent on offense, or limit scoring chances on defense. There’s plenty of room for smarter teams to claim victory, over those which are more athletically gifted.


9. It Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

It’s pretty fascinating to think about how basketball players start to get involved in the sport, compared to where they end up. Most individuals lock in on the basketball itself, as they try to dribble it forward without losing control.

As time goes on, players dribble the ball without ever looking at it, and utilize court vision to understand how teammates and opponents are moving on the floor. This can take place after strong hand-eye coordination is developed, which comes with practice.

This also comes into play during unscripted parts of the game, where there’s a loose ball or a rebound up for grabs. A player will anticipate how a ball will bounce off the rim, and will need to pursue the basketball once they have an idea of where it’s headed.


10. There’s Lots of Instant Gratification

It might sound like an indictment on the current crop of players and people, but there’s no denying that people want things to happen more quickly than they ever have before. That works in the favor of what basketball brings to the table, because it’s designed to bring plays to a conclusion every couple dozen seconds.

Other sports feature elongated rallies or series of plays that need to come together in order for scoring to take place. In basketball, a shot at the hoop can happen in the blink of an eye, which makes the reward for strong offensive play immediate rather than laborious.


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