7 Best Basketball Socks: Rating, Comfort, Performance & Price

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I’ll never forget the time I bought my first pair of real basketball socks! They were the classic black Nike’s from back in the day that Elliot Perry of the Phoenix Suns helped make famous. I was shocked to find out how much better I played in basketball socks versus regular socks.

Whether you’re playing in the NBA or just a pickup game, a good pair of basketball socks can give you an edge on the court. In the game of basketball, any type of edge you can get is always helpful. Not sure what type of basketball socks to buy? We’ll help with that in this article.

1. Adidas Creator 365 Basketball Crew Socks

Top pick
adidas Unisex-Adult Creator 365 Basketball Crew Socks

Moisture-wicking yarn keeps your feet dry from sweat. Polypropylene added to the heel and toe areas to repel moisture and aid in blister reduction. Traxion areas of the foot and achilles increase grip and stability within your shoe.

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Adidas has been an established name in the hoops game since it was founded in Germany back in 1949. These folks know how to make quality basketball socks as evidenced by their many supporters around the globe.

These socks have a material makeup that is different from other socks (60% polyester, 17% polypropylene, 12% cotton, 8% nylon, 3% spandex).

Comfort Rating: 4 Stars

The Adidas crew socks score very well on the comfort rating because of their moisture-wicking yarn that helps pull sweat away from your feet. This keeps your feet dry and provides odor control.

Preventing stinky feet syndrome is always a good thing for you and your teammates. Also, the small amount of cotton in these socks provides a little extra softness that all basketball players will love.

Performance Rating: 4.5 Stars

These socks provide a high amount of cushioning, which helps with arch support. Adidas hits a home run by also providing just the right amount of compression to protect the ankles and feet.

Players with a history of ankle sprains will definitely appreciate this feature.

Price Rating: 4 Stars

It’s pretty sweet for basketball players to get a popular brand of basketball socks like Adidas for under $20! The only reason Adidas didn’t receive 5 stars in this category is that the BEYONG brand is a tad bit cheaper.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 487

Average Amazon Rating: 4.8

2. Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Top pick
Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Dri-Fit pull away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable. Supportive fit with arch compression. Reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability.

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Checking in at #2 on our list are the Nike Elite crew socks. As I mentioned before, I have fond memories of this type of sock and still think they’re a great choice for any basketball player.

The classic Nike swoosh is known around the world as the gold standard in basketball. These beauties are available in 15 different attractive color schemes. Made of 61% polyester, 20% nylon, 17% cotton, and 2% spandex.

Comfort Rating: 4 Stars

You can tell that the Nike engineers put a lot of time and research into where to put the most cushioning in these socks. These feature an arch band that provides comfort and helps prevent blisters.

This is a huge benefit because nothing will slow your game down faster than a nasty blister on your foot!

Performance Rating: 5 Stars

The grip these socks have is amazing. There’s absolutely no slippage, no matter how long you wear them. Nike’s Dri-FIT technology wicks away sweat and helps keep your feet dry and comfy.

Price Rating: 3.5 Stars

Nike socks have come down in price quite a bit in recent years, which is refreshing to see. A pair of these great basketball socks will run you around $20 or so.

Though that’s not exactly a cheap price, the added durability and iconic reputation of Nike make these socks worth a few extra bucks.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 36

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5

3. BEYONG Elite Basketball Socks (Best Overall Choice)

BEYONG Men's Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks

Dry Technology helps keep feet dry and comfortable. Footstrike-specific cushioning aligns with pressure patterns for tailored softness.

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For a comfortable, affordable pair of basketball socks, you can’t go wrong with the BEYONG brand. The material mix of 50% polyester, 30% nylon, and 20% spandex provide the perfect mix of comfort, support, and durability.

The Elite Basketball Socks also provide a high level of ankle support, which is a bonus since basketball can be rough on the ankles.

Comfort Rating: 5 Stars

Many reviewers rave about how comfortable these socks are, even after wearing them for several hours. Basketball players who practice for several hours per day will notice a big difference in how much better their feet feel.

Your feet should stay pretty dry in these socks since the polyester/nylon/spandex combination will dry much faster than cotton.

Performance Rating: 4 Stars

Basketball players with ankle problems will love how stable these socks make your feet feel. The only reason why we rated 4 stars instead of 5 is that a few folks complained about having sizing issues.

A lot of people don’t realize that performance compression socks are supposed to fit really tight.

Price Rating: 5 Stars

You can’t beat getting such a comfortable pair of basketball socks for under $13! This price is too good to pass up and great for any ballers who are on a budget.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 233

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5

4. Under Armour Adult Cotton Crew Socks (Most Comfortable)

Under Armour Adult Cotton Crew Socks, Multipairs

Lightweight, soft cotton-blend for all-day comfort. Medium cushioning throughout foot for all day comfort.

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Under Armour exploded onto the sportswear scene 25 years ago and they’ve experienced rapid growth ever since. Under Armour’s crew socks are made of 73% cotton, 25% polyester, and 2% spandex.

Naturally, these socks pair well with a new pair of Under Armour basketball shoes. NBA players Steph Curry and Joel Embiid have shoe deals in place with Under Armour, which gives the brand even more bragging rights!

Comfort Rating: 5 Stars

Under Armour is known for making extremely comfortable products and these crew socks are no different. These socks have a much higher level of cotton than other brands and this makes them more lightweight.

The breathable mesh provides a high level of ventilation and also adds to the player’s comfort level.

Performance Rating: 4.5 Stars

Under Armour designed these socks with just the right amount of arch support which helps fight foot fatigue. These socks also have anti-odor technology which limits bacteria and cuts down on the bad dirty sock smell that plagues most locker rooms.

Even with the high percentage of cotton, these socks seem to absorb sweat really well.

Price Rating: 5 Stars

Surprisingly, the Under Armour crew sockets are highly affordable. You can get six pairs for around $20, which is almost unheard of with an established brand.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 35,087

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7

5. Disile Elite Basketball Socks

Disile Elite Basketball Socks

Athletic crew socks featuring moisture-wicking/moisture-management fibers and air-circulating ventilation channels and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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Disile may not be as popular as Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour but this company makes an excellent basketball sock. This sock works well whether you’re on the basketball court or participating in other athletic hobbies like biking or hiking.

The material mix on this sock is 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% polyester.

Comfort Rating: 4 Stars

Disile prides itself on making a solid all-around sock for all types of athletes. These elite basketball socks feature a cushioned footbed to go along with a reinforced heel and toe.

Many reviewers rave about how comfortable these socks are for them on the court.

Performance Rating: 4.5 Stars

These socks are rated as the second bestseller on Amazon in the Men’s Basketball Socks category. Disile employs its dry-fit technology to help reduce both foot sweat and odor.

Several folks have bragged about how this sock has the perfect amount of thickness.

Price Rating: 4.5 Stars

Getting three pairs of these socks for under $15 is a steal of a deal. Disile also stands behind their quality with a 180-day warranty on their products. Not many sportswear companies will offer a warranty on socks so that says a lot about the quality of Disile.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 2,984

Average Amazon Rating: 4.6

6. MUMUBREAL Elite Basketball Socks

MUMUBREAL Elite Basketball Socks

3 pairs of basketball athletic crew socks featuring moisture-wicking/moisture-management fibers and air-circulating ventilation channels.

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Another solid sportswear company that doesn’t get enough pub is MUMUBREAL. These people make a fantastic basketball sock that has no glaring weaknesses.

The material breakdown is 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex.

Comfort Rating: 4 Stars

Many basketball players struggle with shin splints because of the constant running and jumping on hard surfaces. This sock is great at preventing shin splints because of the high level of compression it provides.

The compression improves blood circulation to the shins and calf muscles. If you’ve suffered from shin splints in the past, give these babies a try!

Performance Rating: 4.5 Stars

Many reviewers have commented that these socks are durable and still look great after several months. These also feature Mumubreal’s patented Dri-tech fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin and promotes good air circulation.

These socks are a great choice for both men and women basketball players.

Price Rating: 5 Stars

It’s hard to complain about getting three pairs of high-quality socks for under $13. At those numbers, it’s easy to give them a five-star rating on price!

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 953

Average Amazon Rating: 4.6

7. Fraobbg Men’s Basketball Socks

Fraobbg Men's Basketball Socks

With extra cushioning in areas of the foot more susceptible to impact and injury, the FRAOBBG Crew Basketball Socks deliver sweat-wicking power for superb comfort on the court.

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If you want just a basic basketball sock with plenty of good features and at a cheap price, Fraobbg may be the best brand for you. These socks are the athletic crew cut and are available in three different color schemes.

The materials used are 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex.

Comfort Rating: 4 Stars

Fraobbg makes these socks with plenty of extra padding to support your arches. The thickness of these socks is double that of other brands. Lots of customers love the soft feel of these socks.

Performance Rating: 3.5 Stars

These socks perform fairly well for most folks. However, a few reviewers have commented that they run small and fit a bit too tight.

Keep in mind though that these are compression socks and are supposed to fit tight.

Price Rating: 5 Stars

Four pairs of decent quality basketball socks for under $9 is probably the best deal you’ll find on the internet. This is a huge amount of value for those looking to save a few dollars.

Number of Reviews on Amazon: 625

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7

What are The Main Features to Consider When Buying Basketball Socks?

Just like a lot of things in life, finding the perfect pair of basketball socks comes down to personal preference. An older player that needs a great deal of arch support will probably prefer a different type of sock than a young teenager who just wants to look cool in a popular brand. Nevertheless, here are the main features to look for when choosing a basketball sock.


Basketball socks come in a wide variety of different materials. If you sweat quite a bit, opt for a sock with a low percentage of cotton. Cotton feels great and absorbs sweat, but it doesn’t dry nearly as quickly as other materials like polyester, nylon, or elastane. On the other hand, if you aren’t a heavy sweater and prefer a softer feel, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a sock with a higher cotton content.


This feature is highly dependent on personal preference. Some players like a sock that is basically invisible (low-cut socks). Players that struggle with calf or shin problems will probably go for a crew cut length sock that’ll give them a little compression. Mid-cut socks are the most common choice and come up a little bit past the ankle.


Do you often get blisters on your feet after a long afternoon of playing pickup games? You may want to find a sock that has a little extra padding to help remedy that painful problem. Basketball players with wide feet may prefer a thinner sock since thicker ones may be too hard to get on their feet.

Arch Support

The best basketball socks will provide players with extra support around the arches and the heels. Several of the big-name brands like Nike and Under Armour make their basketball socks with arch bands around the center of the foot area. This will help keep your feet from getting so sore after long practice sessions.

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