50 Awesome Basketball Award Ideas That’ll Be a Slam Dunk

If you’re a basketball coach, you may want to give out several awards at the end of your season during your team banquet. Though the MVP Award is commonly handed out by coaches, try to think of ways you can honor and praise all of the accomplishments by the members of your basketball team.

Looking for new award ideas for your basketball players? Here is a list of 50 great award ideas besides just the typical MVP award.

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1. Hustle Award

Have a kid on your team that maybe isn’t the most talented but always works hard and shows a lot of heart? Considering giving him the Hustle Award. This player is the one that your team counts on to dive for loose balls and line up to take a charge at just the right moment! You just have to love this guy for his grit and tenacity!

2. Most Improved Award

This is the perfect honor for a player on your team that has worked his butt off to become a better basketball player. Take a look at your entire team and think about who has made the most progress since the beginning of the season. This candidate will have many endearing qualities that all coaches love!

3. Sharp Shooter Award

Have a player on your team that always seems to knock down his free throws? Does he often make a high percentage of three-point shots? Consider giving him the Sharp Shooter Award to reward his skill as a seasoned shooter.

4. Coach’s Award

Do you have a player that is a natural-born leader on the floor? A lot of times this will be a point guard that almost acts like a second coach on the court. The Coach’s Award is given to a player who has lots of integrity and charisma.

5. Best Defensive Player

This award goes to a scrappy player that loves to play solid defense all of the time. This player relishes a challenge and loves to match up man-to-man with whomever you ask him to guard. He doesn’t get intimidated if that player is bigger or taller than him.

6. Academic Athlete Award

Have a player on your team that excels in the classroom as well as on the court? Consider giving him the Academic Athlete Award to let him know you value his hard work off the court. Always be willing to recognize a student-athlete for being a hardworking student.

7. Ice Man Award

Have a player with ice water in his veins that never gets rattled? This is the perfect award for him. This player loves to have the ball in his hands with the game on the line and never shies away from clutch moments.

8. Best Rebounder

This award goes to the most skilled rebounder on your team. Most of the time it’ll go to a big man who plays a post position. This player has mastered the art of crashing the boards.

9. Best Passer

This is for the player who loves to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. The best passer on the team shows a large amount of unselfishness.

10. Sixth Man Award

This is the ideal award for your best bench player. This award is very prestigious, even in the National Basketball Association!

11. Best Dancer

All of the awards at your ceremony don’t have to be serious. Feel free to mix in plenty of funny awards as well. After big wins, have a fun dance competition to see who has the best moves!

12. Best Hair

Have a player that has great hair no matter how sweaty they get? This is the award for him!

13. Coolest Coach

Have an assistant coach that’s a great person? Consider giving them an award to let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to the team.

14. Best Singer

Hey! We know belting out songs on a long road trip is a great way to pass the time. Reward the player who has the best voice!

15. Best Attitude

This may be the most important award of them all. Think hard about this choice.

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16. Best Teammate

Have a player that goes above and beyond for everyone else on the team? Consider giving them this award!

17. Pride Award

This is the ideal award for the player on your team that has the most enthusiasm. They can always be found cheering on each one of their teammates. This player is proud of their teammates and proud to be on the team!

18. Most Stylish

Have a player that is always decked out, even for long road trips? Let them know you appreciate their taste in good clothes by giving them this award.

19. Rookie of the Year

Have a player that is new to basketball or new to your team and made a big contribution? Consider making them the Rookie of the Year.

20. Heart Award

This is for the player that is always staying after to practice to work on their game. Hard work never scares this player away. This award could be given instead of the Hustle Award since they are so similar.

21. Best Sportsmanship

Reward the player who always respects the game as well as the other team with this award. This person often has the best manners on the team.

22. Heads Above the Rest

This funny award is for the tallest player on the team. Consider getting permission from the player before handing out this award. 

23. Best Kicks Award

This is for the player with the best-looking shoes on the team.

24. Best Scorer

This one is pretty cut and dry. Give this one to the one on your team who has the highest total number of points at the end of the season.

25. Best Free Throw Shooter

Reward the most reliable free throw shooter on your team with this prestigious honor.

26. Top Shot Blocker

27. Best Sense of Humor Award

28. Thief Award (Player with most steals LOL)

29. Leadership Award

30. Coach of the Year

31. Coach of the Month

32. Camel Award (Player who drinks the most water LOL)

33. Dunk of the Year

34. Character Award

35. Most Flexible

36. Determination Award

37. Most Wicked Crossover Dribble

38. Best Actor (think Dennis Rodman type of player)

39. Toughness Award

40. Team’s Choice Award

41. Best Team Spirit

42. Best Team Parents

43. Most Agility

44. Player of the Game

45. Prime Time Player

46. Most Dedicated

47. Monetary Awards (if you or your league can afford it, give each player a little bit of spending money)

48. Community Service Award

49. Best Mentor

50. Most Valuable Player (think hard about which player deserves this award the most)

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