50 Basketball Pick Up Lines Guaranteed to Help You Score

The game of dating is a lot like the game basketball. 

It takes a great deal of skill and clever wit to be successful in both. If the guy or girl you are interested in is a basketball lover, try out one of our 50 best basketball pick-up lines to capture their love and attention.

Whether you are looking for fun, cheesy, sweet, or dirty basketball pick-up lines, this list should be helpful to you. We hope this list helps you impress your future lover. 

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50. “I am so dedicated to basketball, but I promise you I’ll bring that same dedication to our relationship.”

49. “Are you from Cleveland? Cause I’m digging that Cavalier attitude.”

48. “Do you play center? Would you like to be the center of my attention?”

47. “Are you Dennis Rodman? I’ll be your rebound.”

46. “I may be a basketball player, but I’ll never play with your heart.”

45. “Your Jordan jersey looks great but it’ll look even better on the bedroom floor.”

44. “I’ll be your Kevin if you’ll be my Love.”

43. “I’d love to put my big guy in your hoop.”

42. “I’m desperate for your love. Baby, please don’t play zone defense on me.”

41. “I’d love to take your D. Rose for a test drive.”

40. “You’re a pure woman, but I’d love to show you my spin move.”

39. “Your nickname must be Kobe because you play great offense.”

38. “I made three hoops today. Want to be my fourth?”

37. “If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot because I’d always miss you.”

36. “You may not have much game, but honey you’re a great dribbler.”

35. “Wanna know what the Bulls and I have in common? We both have a solid D.”

34. “I can score from multiple positions.”

33. “I hit threes all the time but you’d be my first 10.”

32. “Your nickname must be Shaquille O’Feel because boy I’m feeling you.”

31. “I’d love to practice layups with you all night long.”

30. “Should I take it to the hole or take it to the rack?”

29. “You must be related to Iverson because boy you got mad handles.”

28. “You be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat.”

27. “My biggest idol isn’t Michael Jordan, it’s you baby.”

26. “You’re sweeter than a Steph Curry jumper.”

25. “Instead of zone defense, can we play some man-to-woman coverage tonight?”

24. “You’ll always be my king of comebacks.”

23. “I’ll keep you so busy you won’t care which of us has the possession arrow.”

22. “Hey girl, Do you ref in the playoffs? Cause you look like you can swallow a whistle.”

21. “If you give me one pure shot, I’ll make this your lucky day.”

20. “Points aren’t the only thing you are gonna score tonight.”

19. “I love our time on the basketball court but I’d love to do a different kind of yoga with you.”

18. “I don’t wanna go to the sports bar but I’d love to see what’s on your menu.”

17. “Girl, let me take you home and show you my long-range jumper.”

16. “I dish out a couple of assists per game, but I’ve never landed on a dime like you.”

15. “Just looking at you turns me into a whole puddle of dribbles.”

14. “Want to practice the jump ball with me?”

13. “May I put my balls in your basket?”

12. “Sweetie-pumpkin, you got so much game that you must be a natural. Want to take a class with me on Natural Family Planning?”

11. “You must be known for your defense cause you clearly stole my heart.”

10. “I hear you are a good ball-handler. Can you show me your skills?”

9. “You’re a stud on the court but will you be my stud off the court?”

8. “If you were the ball, no one else would ever score because I’d never pass you around.”

7. “I can jump almost six feet to dunk, but can I test how long I can do slammings on you?”

6. “I lost two of my basketballs today. Are they hiding underneath your shirt?”

5. “LeBron James may be the king, but let me show you why they call me the stud.”

4. “You’re so short that you must play point guard. Would you like to guard me and the kids we may have one day?”

3. “Sweetheart, will you hurry up and put your ball into my hoop?”

2. “Everyone says I’m a great ball handler.  Want to sample my skills later tonight?”

1. “Can I see your jersey? Cuz I’d love to get your name and your number!”

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Mike has been involved with basketball for over 30 years as a player, coach, and bettor. He has a degree in Sports Psychology and enjoys following both the NBA and College Basketball on a nightly basis.