10 Best High Top Basketball Shoes of 2024 [Ranked & Reviewed]

best high top basketball shoes

When the most serious of basketball players go shopping for footwear, there’s really only one thing they’re looking for…

A high top basketball sneaker that provides premium ankle support, complements their every move on the court, and provides sufficient comfort for four quarters is the target.

Low-top basketball shoes used to be more prevalent back in the day, but high tops dominate the current market as the most sought-after kicks. Every signature NBA player has put their stamp on the apparel world by coming out with high tops that resonate with the public.

We’ll take a closer look at the high top sneakers that will help bring out the best version of your game.


Top 10 High Top Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Kyrie 7

Although he’s been a polarizing figure in recent years, it’s hard to argue against Kyrie Irving being one of the most talented point guards in NBA history. His superior ability to handle the ball in tight spaces and finish at the rim is nothing short of special, and playing in Kyrie 7’s will similarly feel like a transcendent experience.

Relative to other high tops, the Kyrie 7’s are lightweight, and are responsive with regards to the series of moves a player wants to make. These shoes aren’t going to make players feel like they’re stuck in the mud, which will allow them to get a step on their opponent.

It’s hard to find a product out there today that will provide a more pleasant on court experience, but the Kyrie 7’s need to be load managed from time to time. They aren’t the most durable shoe on this list, and especially shouldn’t be used on outdoor courts.


2. Nike KD 14

It’s somewhat ironic that Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe and Kevin Durant’s flagship piece of footwear are ranked next to each other considering their interesting stint together with the Brooklyn Nets. Durant took his talents west to play with the Phoenix Suns, and buying the KD 14’s would represent a new era for players who don them as well.

They might be the most well-rounded kicks of the bunch, considering they perform well on both indoor courts and outdoor surfaces. The KD 14’s receive exceptionally high marks for their great traction, which allows players to stop on a dime to put their defender on skates.

The KD 14’s consistently rank amongst the best basketball shoes in many categories, so it’s not surprising that they appear where they do in this listicle. The only potential downside is that it can be a little time consuming to find the perfect sizing for this sneaker.


3. Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

The Air Zoom GT Jump sneakers from Nike come right out and tell the basketball world how it’s going to help players. As one could probably deduce, these shoes are designed to aid athletes’ quest to sky for rebounds and leap over defenders on alley-oop plays.

Wearing the Air Zoom GT Jump’s makes it seem like there are springs attached to the bottom of a player’s feet. They also do a great job of prioritizing impact protection, which is important considering the type of hangtime players get in these shoes.

If running the floor and corralling the basketball in the air is part of your game, these shoes will feel like a match made in heaven. Keep in mind that the traction for this product may not be comparable to its counterparts, if you’re more of a slasher and cutter.


4. adidas Dame 8

Few players instill more fear when they walk into an NBA gym than Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard. It feels like he’s always in control regardless of how far he is from the hoop, and purchasers of his Dame 8 sneakers will also feel like they’re calling the shots on the court.

That feeling of assuredness comes with the amount of cushion the Dame 8’s provide. Players feel like they’re walking on a personal pillow, thanks to adidas’ Bounce Pro technology.

This sneaker also grades out well in the breathability department, thanks to its sleek materials in the upper part of the shoe. It would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s footwear collection.


5. Nike LeBron 17

Breaking the bank can be a painful endeavor for a lot of folks, and we wouldn’t encourage anyone to do it unless it was worth it. The LeBron 17’s appear to be priced with a tax for being associated with the league’s all-time leading scorer, but there’s a lot to love here.

It’ll be pretty apparent that the LeBron 17’s should last a very long time, thanks to the exceptional materials used to construct the shoe. This mitigates any concern about the need to run back to your local footwear retailer or online provider after your splurge.

The LeBron 17’s also have an excellent bouncy element to them, buoyed by the Max Air and Zoom unit present in the sneaker. The mesh fabric also adjusts to your foot, customizing the experience.


6. Nike LeBron 19

If the funds aren’t there to make a splashy purchase like the LeBron 17’s, you can still have skin in the game with The King’s footwear at a much more affordable price. The Nike LeBron 19’s bring more than a few good things to the court.

For starters, they’re a great choice for players who are looking to minimize concerns about stability and ankle tweaks. Basketball players like to feel protected when they go up into the air in traffic, and the LeBron 19’s help ensure they come down in one piece.

Certain players feel that these shoes may be a little bit too bulky for their liking, which is a tradeoff for the insulation they provide. Their traction on outdoor courts has also been inconsistent.


7. adidas Pro Bounce

There’s one word that can scare basketball players more than turnover, airball and brick put together – dust. It might seem harmless to those who aren’t in the hoops world, but dusty courts can give players a lot of reservation about playing hard.

Fortunately, the adidas Pro Bounce sneakers can put ballers at ease, considering that they are built to repel dust and other grime that might concentrate at the bottom of a shoe. This makes them an ideal candidate for runs both inside and outside.

They also don’t take a long time to break in, so they can be deployed right away. Pay attention to fit when trying on the Pro Bounce’s, as they tend to run large.


8. adidas Adizero Rose 1 Retro

Don’t call it a comeback, but wearing footwear inspired by Derrick Rose might once again be the move here in 2023. The guard is currently a deep reserve for the New York Knicks, but was arguably the most explosive player in basketball once upon a time.

Watching old Rose highlights on YouTube will confirm that, but he was also one of the most shifty players when it came to beating his man off the dribble. The Adizero Rose 1 Retro’s relate to players who are looking to get into the lane, with an outsole that provides tremendous grip.

The color scheme reminds fans of Rose’s early days with the Chicago Bulls, and might serve as a neat conversation starter on the floor.


9. Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23

Basketball players can essentially close their eyes and grab any Michael Jordan sneaker off the shelf with confidence. The Flyknit Elevation 23’s are no exception, and will suit players well in a pinch.

One of the best attributes about this particular shoe is the ventilation it allows for, which will come in handy in warmer indoor climates or on a hot day. As the weather starts to get nicer in many parts of the country and the world, the Flyknit Elevation 23’s are ideal to grab off of the rack.

They’re a little on the pricey side for something ranked towards the bottom of the list, but are a reliable choice.


10. Reebok Shaqnosis

Speaking of taking it back, there is a whole generation of fans who only know Shaquille O’Neal as a hilarious personality on TNT’s Inside The NBA. Older fans remember him making life miserable for opposing centers and literally tearing down basket stanchions.

These sneakers have a really sweet design, and might end up putting your opponent in a trance. Over and above that, they’re a strong choice for outdoor court usage, and provide excellent support.

An issue with the Shaqnosis sneakers is that they hold in air like a steel trap, so you may need to take them off sporadically to give your feet a breather.


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