25 Best Basketball Gifts Guaranteed to Be a Slam Dunk

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My favorite sport has always been basketball, and people were constantly asking me what they could get me for my birthday or the holiday season. 

I remember growing up and getting basketball video games and basketball memorabilia. I also got plenty of amazing basketball gear for me to take out onto the driveway and basketball courts in the neighborhood and at school.

Our basketball gift guide below is for all ages: kids, teenagers, and adults. I have received some items similar to these in past years, but there are some slam dunk gifts that I would love to get my hands on as soon as possible. 

Without further ado, here are 25 tremendous basketball gifts to give across the different age categories. Let’s start with the best gifts for kids:

Basketball Gifts for Kids

1. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

little tikes basketball hoop

In order for all kids to get into basketball, they need a starter set to learn the game. While little kids are not usually ready for regulation-sized basketball, here is the best way to get them started and introduce them to the greatness of basketball.

Price: $34.99

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2. ASHION Kids Basketball Culture High Top Shoes

kids basketball shoes

These high top shoes are the perfect way to start your kids with affordable basketball sneakers to get their basketball game going. High tops also help protect against rolled ankles.

Price: $39.99

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3. Nike Air Jordan Sleeveless Jersey

nike air jordan jersey

This Air Jordan jersey is a fantastic one to get your child looking like the best basketball player on the court. Who doesn’t want to be like Mike?

Price: $29.48

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4. Bugs Bunny Space Jam Basketball Jersey

bugs space jam jersey

For Space Jam fans, Bugs Bunny is a fan favorite, and your child will be the talk of the playground with this jersey (which comes in both black and white). This Bugs Bunny Tune Squad jersey is also more affordable than the Michael Jordan jersey above.

Price: $11.88

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5. Adidas Basketball Shorts

The apparel continues with these Adidas shorts. Basketball shorts are a mainstay in any basketball players closet (not to mention these are comfy to wear in about any setting). There are many varieties of basketball shorts, but these are a classic that any kid would love to own.

Price: $13.50

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6. Neon LED Basketball Hoop

This is a very cool basketball gift because it makes the game even more exciting. Although it is one of the pricier items on the kids list, it’s very likely to please any kid who receives it. Their friends will always want to come over and shoot on the illuminated hoop. Their eyes will light up when they see the green hoop after they sink a jumper.

Price: $99.99

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7. Basketball Timer Night Light

basketball timer nightlight

This lamp, which comes in red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, purple, and white, can also act as a timer. There is a remote included as well.

Price: $19.99

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8. Light Up Basketball

Here we have a fantastic basketball that uses two high bright LED lights. With over 11,000 reviews, this gift is very likely to delight your kid. It is such a fun way to play as the sun goes down for the day.

Price: $47.97

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9. Nike Performance Training Socks

Another way to gear up for basketball is to get socks that can support your feet and ankles. Nike cushioned socks are among the best types of basketball socks out there, so don’t skip out on this great gift idea.

Price: $28.00

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10. Personalized Mini Basketball Hoop

Want to style up your kid’s room? This is an awesome way to do it because you can personalize it with your kid’s name or customize the hoop’s backboard with anything you want. This is a tremendous addition to anyone’s room.

Price: $20.85

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11. Custom Full Size Basketball

custom basketball

Now that you have your customized hoop for the kid’s room, here is the customized basketball. Although it does cost more, this basketball can stay with your child throughout the years, and he or she will always remember that this is their first basketball.

Price: $64.95

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12. Swivel Basketball Chair and Ottoman

basketball chair and ottoman

This two-piece swivel basketball chair and ottoman are great for any child, and he or she can have it anywhere in the house. It is the perfect fun seat for all kids who love basketball.

Price: $206.99

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Basketball Gifts for Teenagers

13. Pop-A-Shot

pop a shot

Teenagers are going to love having this ESPN Pop-A-Shot game at their house. This easy-fold basketball game is the classic basketball arcade game, and if your teen gets to come home to his or her own basketball arcade, that would be the life. 

There are four seven-inch basketballs included along with an air pump with a needle as well. The Pop-A-Shot, which has its own LED electronic scorer with eight game options, folds up to allow for easy storage. There’s also an app for easy three-dimensional assembly.

iPhone app link

Google Play app link

Price: $169.99

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14. NBA Jam Upright Arcade Game

nba jam arcade game

NBA Jam is the ultimate basketball video game. The 90’s throwback basketball video game allows for four friends to play at the same time, and they get to choose to play with their favorite NBA team. 

Each team includes two players who can make high-flying dunks in this unforgettable game. The stool is also included in your purchase.

Price: $499.99

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15. Basketball Popcorn Maker

basketball shaped popcorn maker

Let’s keep the fun going because everyone wants popcorn. Whether you are watching your favorite basketball team or playing Pop-A-Shot or NBA Jam, popcorn is the perfect snack. You can make your popcorn with this basketball-themed popcorn maker.

Price: $25.50

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16. Basketball Bean Bag Chair

basketball bean bag chair

I remember when I was younger and I could hang out on my basketball bean bag. It was so fun to lie down on the bean bag and play video games or hang out and watch a basketball game. This gift is a guaranteed hit.

Price: $53.33 – $122.54

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17. Personalized USB Flash Drive

basketball usb flash drive

Here is another great personalized basketball-themed item, and this one is related to technology. With the majority of students needing to transfer their data from one device to another, this flash drive is a very fun item to get for your favorite basketball fan.

Price: $14.75

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18. Basketball Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Here is a very cool stainless steel water bottle for basketball fans. When going to practice or a game, teenagers can strive for the slogan on their bottle, “Just Dunk It.” If they can already dunk, that would be very impressive.

Price: $31.60

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Basketball Gifts for Adults

19. Basketball Dartboard

basketball dartboard

This handmade basketball dartboard is a fun take on a classic. Instead of rings around a bullseye, this dartboard sets up two basketball hoops on either side with fun ways to score points. 

In addition to the three darts, here is what else is included: the game instructions, scorecard template, mounting hardware, and mounting instructions. Jay Stoltz makes this dartboard as well as other “Uncommon Goods” like baseball and golf dartboards.

Price: $120

Buy on Uncommon Goods

20. Basketball Mug with a Hoop

“Whiz kid” Max, who raises awareness and support for dyslexia, is the creator of the Playful Sports Mugs, and his soccer mug with a goal and baseball mug with a glove are already sold out. Only his basketball mug and hockey mug with a net are available for purchase, so be sure to get the basketball one while you still can.

Price: $25

Buy on Uncommon Goods

21. Basketball Coffee Mug

basketball mug

Here is a more affordable mug for basketball fans. Although it doesn’t have the hoop in it, it is still a great basketball-themed cup for a basketball-lover.

Price: $13.74

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22. A Father Engraved Basketball Ball Gift

engraved basketball for dad

Here is a great high-quality gift for Father’s Day. For any kids that want to surprise their dad with a brand new basketball for Christmas or a birthday, this is a fantastic present to get.

Price: $40.58

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23. Basketball Tumbler 30oz Cup

basketball thermos

This stainless steel, vacuum insulated basketball tumbler keeps 30-ounce beverages hot and cold. It’s a great gift for people on the go.

Price: $18.99

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24. Sports Compression Arm Sleeves

basketball sleeves

The basketball shooting sleeve has become a staple for NBA players who appreciate their therapeutic benefits while adding some fashion. Some basketball players wear them to help heal from injuries while others just like the way they look. Either way, these make a great gift with some practical benefit.

Price: $12.95

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25. Shootball Floating Pool Basketball Game

floating pool basketball

Swimline has plenty of fun floatable products for pools, and the giant shootball basket is fun for all ages. Giant shootball, which is 45 inches tall by 36 inches wide, is the perfect gift for the whole family, and the other fun Swimline products are the giant mini shootball, ring toss, splash volleyball, and turtle toss cornhole games.

Price: $26.96

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