11 Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis [2024 Edition]

best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis

There’s no shortage of dreaded two-word phrases you don’t want to hear as a basketball player.

Foul trouble.

Rimmed out.




Dunked on.

Even the most confident of hoopers shudder at the thought of those terms. But there’s one that might be even more horrifying…

Plantar fasciitis

It might be difficult to say five times fast, but plantar fasciitis is a buzzkill of an ailment for a basketball player. When a thick band of tissue located at the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed (sometimes severely), a jolting shock of pain is produced just above your heel and possibly extends as far as your toes.

The discomfort is usually greatest when you take your first steps in the morning, or after sitting for a long time. The acuteness of the pain can subside as you continue to walk or run, but it inevitably returns once you’ve come to a stop and want to get going again.

If you have plantar fasciitis or want to take proactive steps to ensure you never get it, investing in a pair of basketball shoes that can reduce the strain on that tissue can certainly help.

We’ll take a look at the premier basketball sneaker options that help keep plantar fasciitis pain away.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you take your index finger and press it against the area of your foot just above your heel, you’ll be able to identify the area that hurts the most when you have plantar fasciitis. Since that’s where your heel ends and your arch begins, it’s a key spot to have in mind when you purchase shoes to alleviate the dreaded foot injury.

It’s a good idea to identify shoes that focus on decreasing heel pain, and have reputable shock absorption for the back of your foot as you land. Heel support can help stop the chain reaction of inflammation and pain that can take place and compromise your entire foot.

Good arch support is another thing to look at when buying sneakers for plantar fasciitis. Some players have high arches, while others sport flatter feet.

Going back to the index finger on your foot exercise—if that spot on your foot is well supported, the chances of plantar fasciitis becoming an issue go down significantly.


Top 11 Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

1. Nike KD 14

We start our list off with one of the premier basketball shoes available on the market today. The KD 14 is one of the best sneakers out there no matter how you slice it.

Today, we’re choosing to slice it through the lens of plantar fasciitis, and the KD 14’s addresses those concerns with flying colors. They’re lightweight, while simultaneously providing enough cushion in the arch of your feet.

It has a midsole heel grip that hugs the area of the foot we were focusing on above, which keeps your foot in place and provides impact protection after a spirited leap to block a shot.

If there’s one negative, it’s that the KD 14’s might feel a little rigid during the first couple of times you play with them. After that, there’s a good chance you’ll hear your feet thanking you for this purchase.


2. Under Armour Curry 3Zero

Another great option is a footwear product that Stephen Curry has put his name on, the 3Zero. In terms of comfort, there aren’t many other choices on this list that do a better job of sending your hooves to foot heaven.

The 3Zero is made with a synthetic material called Threadbone and features Micro G fabric that makes the midsole as comfortable as any out there.

The shoe is well known for its good grip, as the 3Zero’s will remain locked on the court as you showcase your array of moves.

Despite its many perks, the one downside of this shoe is that it tends to come in a limited size range.


3. adidas Harden Volume 5

If you follow the NBA at all, you’re aware that trade rumors seem to follow James Harden regardless of where he ends up. Luckily for the footwear inspired by “The Beard”, fans seem to want to sign his products to long-term deals, without a thought to exchange them.

The Harden Volume 5 receives high marks for breathability, as its construction allows for air to freely move into the sneaker. This will keep your feet feeling just as fresh in the fourth quarter or overtime as they were back during the opening tip.

Its cushioning is also well regarded, as well as the low maintenance upkeep of the soles. Many basketball shoes require an involved cleaning process to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the shoe, but not the Harden Volume 5’s.

Some have commented that the back of the shoe feels somewhat inflexible, but this may not be a bad thing for players dealing with plantar fasciitis.


4. adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Certain basketball shoes in Adidas’ long-standing line have some pretty inventive names if they aren’t linked with particular athletes. Their Crazy Explosive basketball shoe certainly fits the bill, although there’s nothing ridiculous about picking up a pair to quell your plantar fasciitis-related worries.

In terms of comfort, a lot of players believe that the Crazy Explosive sneaker ranks right up there with any footwear offering. It features Xenos laces that help secure your foot in place, eliminating movement of your hoof within the sneaker.

An added bonus centers around the premium ankle support that this product provides. It’s great to mitigate the risks of plantar fasciitis, but compromising the health of your ankle in the process would be counterintuitive.

The Crazy Explosive shoe checks both boxes. The product may feel somewhat tight around the front of your foot initially before it’s fully broken in.


5. Nike Air Visi Pro

After a short reprieve, the recognizable Nike check mark makes its return to the list. The Air Visi Pro has a lot of things going for it, and has the benefit of the company’s cutting-edge technology working in its favor.

An expert combination of air pockets and phylon foam creates a level of comfort that’s hard to find for basketball players. The Visi Pro also assuages any concerns about heel soreness, as they have a padded collar in the back of the shoe.

The stability the sneaker provides, coupled with its solid traction makes it a solid all-around choice.

One possible downside is the reported noise the shoe makes. If you want to stealthily approach your defender without squeaks announcing your presence, keep in mind that the Visi Pro might blow your cover.


6. Nike LeBron Witness IV

We’ve been witnessing some stellar play from LeBron James in the twilight of his NBA career, but it might be time to divert our attention to one of these basketball sneakers. The LeBron Witness IV is a competitive product that will attract players for its name value and its quality.

We haven’t talked a lot about directional changes and frequent starting and stopping, which could put a strain on the plantar fascia. The Witness IV’s are popular for their ability to support players who constantly plant, cut, and pivot, which mentally permits athletes to reach into their full bag of moves.

That inherently means that they have good traction as well, as your feet won’t slide out from under you.

One thing to consider with the Witness VI’s is that they tend to run narrow. Even though they are a recommended choice for players guarding against plantar fasciitis, they may feel uncomfortable for players with wider feet.


7. FitVille Comfortable High-Top Sneakers

They aren’t a household name amongst basketball die-hards but don’t let the relative anonymity of Fitville fool you. They’ve come up with a high-quality product that should be on your radar.

While something like the Witness above is geared toward players with narrow feet, the FitVille Comfortable High-Top sneakers are designed for counterparts with wide feet. The roomy nature of the sneaker also gives players the flexibility to add additional comfort tools to create a super relaxing environment.

The shoes also contain a dual-density insole which takes the brunt of shock that would otherwise be headed toward the back of your foot.

Although it might go without saying, players with skinny feet might find the FitVille’s too cavernous.


8. Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit

While the general public likes to gravitate towards shoes that are backed by current NBA stars, there’s a strong case to be made that Derrick Rose’s 6 Boost Primeknit’s deserves consideration.

The 6 Boost Primeknit’s brings an elite level of energy transfer to a player’s game, which reminds us of the quick second-jumping ability Rose had back when he was with the Chicago Bulls. They’re good at springing the momentum you bring on the way down right back up at you, which helps players get back up to snag rebounds.

This sneaker also hugs the arch of your foot, which keeps the material consistently supporting the area most affected by plantar fasciitis.


9. Under Armour Men’s Jet Basketball Shoe

It might not be the most flashy option in terms of outward style or design, but Under Armour’s Jet Basketball sneaker is a dependable option for hoopers.

The functional attention to detail will be much appreciated by those dealing with plantar fasciitis. It comes with an EVA midsole that has a complementary sock liner, which gives your feet an extra layer of protection.

The Jet receives two thumbs up from players who prioritize lateral movement on defense and sliding to keep their assignment in front of them.

One downside of this product is that the shock absorption falls a little short compared to some other alternatives.


10. Under Armour Lockdown 5

Description: Under Armour makes one more appearance on our list with their Lockdown 5 sneakers. It has a thick rubber outsole that adds to the durability of the sneaker, which gives players confidence that they’ll be able to depend on these kicks for a long time.

The cushioning in the midsole of the Lockdown 5’s is best described as comfortable, but also sturdy enough to feel like there’s something solid enough to provide arch support. Its upper is comprised entirely of leather.

It has an affordable price point and has the look of a shoe that costs $100-$200 more. This makes the Lockdown 5 a great value and a practical selection for players dealing with nagging plantar fasciitis.


11. Air Jordan Zoom 92

It’s unclear if the Air Jordan Zoom 92’s are an ode to Michael’s brilliant performance in the NBA Finals in 1992, but these sneakers will have you shrugging at your increased on-court performance just like His Airness did over 30 years ago.

This shoe can be deployed on both indoor and outdoor courts, and features zoom pods underneath its midsole.

The lineage of the Jordan brand makes the Jordan Zoom 92’s a can’t-miss proposition for players looking at new basketball sneakers.


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