101 Awesome Basketball Poster Ideas for Your Next Game

basketball poster ideas

So you’ve got tickets to tonight’s game, congrats! It’s always great to head to the arena with friends or family to watch the professionals put on a show.

Some fans are happy with that. But others want to feel like they’re a little closer to the action.

They want to bring something that sets their fandom apart or shows that they’re really plugged into what’s going on.

We know making oak tag displays for school or Powerpoints for work can be a bit of a drag, but bringing a poster board to a game can help make the experience that much more fun.

Here are some basic concepts to get your wheels turning about what type of posters might be enjoyable to put together before you head to the game.


Funny Basketball Poster Ideas

  1. Grinning and Winning!

  2. That three was for me!

  3. Cease and Assist!

  4. Building a house with those bricks?

  5. Airballllllll

  6. My dog can shoot better than you!

  7. Sir Swish A Lot

  8. Put in the backup ref!

  9. We stay fly, no lie, you know this, ballin’!

  10. Hey (opposing team), the game started an hour ago!

  11. My grandma shoots better than you!

  12. Take an Uber next time you travel!

  13. Can’t fight the dunk!

  14. Don’t mean a thing if we ain’t got that ring!

  15. Hey_____, your shorts are on backwards!

  16. Forecast: cloudy with a chance of buckets!

  17. Hey (opposing team), the ball has to go through the hoop!

  18. That rim is taking a beating today with all those missed shots!

  19. Hey (tall player), how’s the air up there?

  20. Hey (short player), can you reach the Gatorade?

  21. Looking mighty lonely at the free throw line!

  22. Hey_____, did the Monstars steal your talent?

  23. It’s not a rivalry if one team always wins!

  24. Any day now, I got plans after the game!(for free throw shooter who takes a long time to shoot)

  25. Throw your sweaty jersey here!

  26. Put me in coach!

  27. Practice, we’re talking about practice?!

  28. Nobody likes you when you’re 23…Except us!

  29. The Center of attention(for a player who plays center)

  30. Wake me up when the game gets good!

  31. Put me on TV________(insert network name)!

  32. White Men Can Jump!

  33. Boomshakalaka!

  34. Nobody paid to watch the refs!

  35. Can’t score if you can’t shoot!

  36. Opposing team’s favorite dessert: apple turnover

  37. I’m fouling in love with you!

  38. Don’t look at me, the basket’s over there!

  39. _____drove to the arena, but is parked on the bench?!

  40. How many more points until the free taco?!

  41. That dunk might end up on this poster!

  42. Posting and toasting

  43. He/she went into the bag of tricks!

  44. Hoop, there it is!

  45. Can’t get no fame if you don’t bring that game!


Inspirational Basketball Poster Ideas

  1. He/she shoots, he/she scores!

  2. De-fense!

  3. Don’t count us out yet!

  4. Nothin’ but net!

  5. Take it to the rack!

  6. Can’t touch this!

  7. It counts, and the foul!

  8. Lock it down!

  9. Let’s go bench mob!

  10. You can only hope to contain him/her!

  11. Y’all ready for this?!

  12. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  13. Both teams came to play today!

  14. I came for one thing, a _________’s win!

  15. Anything is possible!!!

  16. Never underestimate the heart of a champion!

  17. We’re going all the way!

  18. One team, one dream!

  19. This is one for the ages!

  20. Keep grinding!!

  21. Cross ‘em up!

  22. He shot that from the parking lot!

  23. Never fear, here’s our cheer!

  24. Game on!!

  25. It’s not over until it’s over!

  26. Play a full _______(insert length of game here)!

  27. Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion.

  28. Remember what you practiced!

  29. Hands up!!

  30. My very first basketball game!!

  31. Now that’s a real basketball team!


Basketball Poster Ideas To Support A Specific Player

  1. We love you____

  2. All aboard the ________ train!

  3. Number ___ but number 1 in our hearts!

  4. ____ is on the rebound!

  5. _____is the GOAT

  6. _____ for MVP!

  7. ____for President!

  8. We want _______(player that rides the bench)!

  9. ____is an all star!

  10. _____ is cleared for takeoff!

  11. _______is all over the floor today!

  12. I’m _______’s biggest fan!

  13. ______’s is our man, if he can’t do it, no one can!

  14. Next stop: The Basketball Hall of Fame

  15. _______ is my favorite player ever!

  16. In _____ we trust!

  17. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s___________!

  18. _____could shoot with his/her eyes closed!

  19. Secure your valuables: _______was a draft steal!

  20. They’ll be talking about this one for years!

  21. Hand down, man down!

  22. Mamma, there goes that man!

  23. ______’s hot, but did you see that shot?!

  24. _____ just came out of the oven, he’s/she’s scalding hot!

  25. _______ is taking them to school!


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